This F Dick SM-111 commercial knife sharpener is perfect for any business that wants to provide professional sharpening services to their customers.
This machine will perform professional and fast regrinding and honing of hand knives. Water cooled grinding wheels- knife holding magnets assure complete control and quick restoration of the original cutting angle. Simple removal of burr by contra rotating honing wheels.
It is really three machines in one - the dual wet wheel grinder for creating bevels is adjustable from 10 to 25 degrees and has magnetic guides, the counter-rotating overlapping wheel sharpener is adjustable; and the honing wheel creates the highest degree of sharpness. Capacity is 400 to 500 knives a day. The sharpener includes the wheel dressing device, owners manual and all the tools necessary to maintain the machine.

See Video:

F.Dick SM-111 Knife Sharpening System

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