Trouble with Your Hook-Eye Cutlery Grinder? Let Us Help!

We've been selling and repairing the Hook-Eye Cutlery Grinder since 1976. It was originally made in Brooklyn, New York over 100 years ago and it's still in production as sturdy and dependable as always. They used to be built one by one, adjusted and tested before sold. Not so any more! Today they continue to manufacture them with the same high quality, durable parts but sometimes they are not assembled and adjusted correctly. When we sell a Hook-Eye knife sharpener, we don't ship it to the customer before we go through the machine making sure the components are assembled correctly and adjusted right to ensure proper operation!

If your Hook-Eye belt sander is not giving you the best edge possible, it probably needs some attention. There are many problems an incorrectly adjusted machine might cause. The belt might slip or doesn't turn at all. Maybe you can't get the right angle on the blade. Or maybe it won't run at all!

We can repair or tune your Hook-Eye (Kasco) Cutlery Grinder right here at our shop. Ship the machine to us and we can set it straight! First give us a call so we can determine the exact problem you are having. Then ship it to us and we can ship it back to you in a day or two. As an added feature, we stock custom made replacement belts specifically made for the Hook-Eye Cutlery Sharpener. The aluminum oxide belts originally manufactured for this machine are not the best quality. They get hot, rip easily and don't last very long. We've custom made our belts from a high quality durable material that can sharpen up to 90 knives! After that, they are still great for polishing!! You can purchase them here:

Replacement belt for the Hook-Eye Belt Sander

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