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Sausage Making! A New & Prosperous Addition

Sausage has always been available in every meat market, supermarket and deli for as long as we can remember. People LOVE sausage! Every culture has their own versions and spice flavorings. Today, more than ever before you can find wide varieties of sausage in every supermarket case. Sausage makers have become very creative, introducing their own culinary formulations, giving us more choices and delicious meal planning ideas!

If you are interested in adding sausage making to your business but need information and instruction, this link from North Dakota State University has useful information to help you get started:

Here is another link with a pdf printable version of "The Basics of Sausage Making, Formulation, Processing & Safety"

PDF: Click the link below to download the pdf file;

Sausage Making
Download PDF • 6.74MB

To make the process easier and much faster, the use of a hydraulic sausage stuffer is essential. Talsa hydraulic sausage stuffers come in four sizes: 26Lb. 48Lb. 65Lb. and 95Lb. They are built well, easy to use, dependable and fairly priced. More Information Here:



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