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Our 4 Month Preventive Maintenance Program Details

FIRST: Choose the Preventive Maintenance Program that is right for your operation:

              Every 4 months

              Every 8 months

              Every 12 months

On our FIRST visit to your establishment, there will be a Service Call Charge based on your distance from our facility.  On our next  visit, in either 4, 8 or 12 months the Service Call Charge is eliminated and only an hourly rate of $60 per hour will be billed.  If you happen to need service in between scheduled visits the Service Call Charge will apply.  This is because we route our accounts and service each area on the same day.  If we are not currently servicing your area we would have to make a special trip.


FOR MEAT CUTTING ESTABLISHMENTS:  We will supply meat grinder Plates & Knives on a rental basis of $30 per set per service period and we will leave you enough band saw blades to last the service period.  Prices on saw blades vary according to blade length.

We will then inspect, adjust, tune, lubricate and sharpen (for deli slicers)  your machinery for optimal performance.  We will replace worn or broken parts as needed.  

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