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The Anatomy of Our Rebuilt Equipment

There's rebuilt equipment and then there's Allied's rebuilt equipment. Not just a pretty facelift with a good cleaning and a coat of paint, our rebuilt equipment is rebuilt. Machines come in looking like they're destined for the nearest scrap yard but we see new life breathing beneath the rust and broken parts.

Before we even purchase a machine for rebuilding it is examined thoroughly. Much like a patient needs to undergo tests to make sure he is fit for surgery, so too a machine must be "healthy" enough to undergo the transformation. The frame and bodies of the machines must be solid. Everything else can be replaced...and replaced it is.

Stripped down to bare metal, every part is removed. Every nut, bolt and anything broken or worn is replaced. No stone is left unturned and the machine leaves our shop every time to a happy satisfied customer who just bought a machine that looks and runs like new but spent a fraction of the cost that he would have spent on a new machine. But there's a bonus! Older machines are better!!! They were made to last and they rebuild beautifully. In most cases their components were of a better quality and the frames and bodies were made better. In fact, we are very particular about the machine models we purchase for rebuilding. Machines that in our 40 years experience we've found to be the most reliable and do the best job.We can even rebuild your existing equipment to look and run like the day it was purchased! Band Saws, Meat Grinders, Meat Slicers, Pattie forming machines, Meat tenderizers, bread slicers and more.


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